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Affordable & Powerful Digital PBX Solutions for Small Businesses

ECS Voice & Data has partnered with Estech Systems, Inc. (ESI), an American-engineered PBX technology company with U.S.-based best-in-class technical support, to deliver ESI Business Communications Servers to the SMB market.  ESI’s digital phone systems are designed for small companies seeking powerful business phone system features in a hybrid or digital PBX system. We specifically chose to sell and support the ESI 50-series product line of communications servers based quality, capabilities (if desired), and exclusive features. With integrated features such as ESI Time & Attendance Manager and ESI Presence Management RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) door readers, ESI digital business phone system delivers an unmatched unified communications experience to small businesses.

ESI Digital Business Communication System 50 & 100 models with ESI phone.

Contrary to IP PBX systems, digital phone systems are the perfect solution for businesses with existing Cat3 or Cat5 cable runs, and/or for businesses that experience stubborn bouts of internet connectivity. ESI digital phone systems are installed at the customer’s premise and support advanced features, such as Virtual Auto Attendants, Voice over IP integration, remote phones, and Call Recording. ECS sells and supports a variety of PBX systems including digital, hybrid, cloud and IP phone systems and can help you choose the type of PBX system that is right for your business.

A System to Support Your Business’ Growth

ESI Digital Business Phone Systems are sophisticated, yet simple solutions that provide flexible deployment of digital and IP-to-the-desktop functionality. ESI’s exclusive patented technology provides unparalleled integration and functionality of advanced applications.Your vital business communications features are built-in–not added on, making your business communications simple and intuitive. With various scalable models to choose from, your business will be sure to find the perfect fit today and well into the future.ESI Business Telephone

ESI Business dPhone4™

Advanced Features to Support Business Growth

  • Advanced, scalable phone system with unique call handling features
  • Flexible architecture that fully supports both digital & IP communications
  • Multi-site networking with up to 100 locations nationwide
  • Multi-level, highly customizable Auto Attendant with auto-answering
  • Shared-office Tenanting
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Data Redundancy w/ M3 RAID technology to provide automatic backups of ALL system data
  • Easy, secure system maintenance via modem, direct connection, LAN/WAN or ESI software.

ESI business phone

ESI 60 Business Phone

ESI Exclusive Technology

  • The Quick Groups™- a patented voice messaging feature for simple storage and sharing
  • Proprietary phones with built-in help button to access ESI’s exclusive Verbal User Guide™
  • ESI-exclusive Virtual Answer™ configures special greetings to help handle high call volume
  • ESI’s patented Intelligent Caller ID technology stores Caller ID information with each voice message
  • ESI’s Intelligent Call Forwarding lets you preserve the outside caller’s ID when forwarding the call

ESI’s Reporting & Management Applications Suite

ESI’s product portfolio of advanced applications brings style and innovation to the ESI premise-based digital business phone system series.   Each application has been created to meet virtually any need that a business may have when managing their PBX system.  ESI’s Reporting and Management Applications Suite showcases extremely powerful products at little cost to the customer.

ESI Call Accounting

ESI PBX System Call Accounting icon

ESI Call Accounting is a robust, yet intuitive PC application that tracks extensive call data that can be analyzed and visualized with charts, pivot tables, and easy-to-use reports. 

  • 3 License Types- Pro, Reports-only, and Lite.
  • Collects details on inbound/outbound call data.
  • Generates summary, detailed & analysis level reports.
  • Automatically emails reports per user specifications.
  • Offers an unlimited variety of charts with fully customizable parameters.
  • Provides excel-style Pivot Table capability.
  • Includes map function to create a visual geographical analysis of call activity.
  • Tracks telecommunications costs with the Flexible Call Costing feature.
  • Notifies of calls that match specific user criteria with Call Alerting.
  • VIP7 ACD Supervisor Advanced Reporting available as an add-on.

ESI Recording Manager

ESI PBX system Call Recording icon

No matter how large or small your company is, ESI Recording Manager is the perfect call recording software for capturing, storing, retrieving, and analyzing call data.

  • Collect, store, retrieve, and analyze call recordings.
  • Less than 1 second load time for immediate user input.
  • Extremely fast, responsive searches even when searching through millions of recordings and/or multiple ASC (ESI Call Recording) cards.
  • Networked ASC cards for fast downloading of call details.
  • Support for screen capture and playback.
  • Advanced search capabilities- date, time range, whole or partial Caller ID, call duration, extension number, etc.
  • Save audio files in separate folders as WAV files or HTML index file.
  • Full admin management of the archiving process such as disk space available on each card, and ability to see what files are currently being downloaded and what date is being worked on.

ESI Click-to-Call

ESI business phone system click-to-call icon

The ESI Click-to-Call application allows you to make phone calls from your computer by integrating with your ESI phone system, Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), and internet browser.

  • Initiate outbound calling directly from your computer.
  • One-click dialing from web browsers.
  • Receive screen “pop” records from your CRM based upon the Caller ID Number of the incoming call.
  • Conveniently search for a customer record based on the Caller ID Number of the incoming call.

ESI Screen Capture

ESI phone system screen capture icon

Screen Capture for ESI PBX systems is the perfect companion to ESI Recording Manager. Screen Capture records the user’s screen activity with audio so administrators can see and hear the employee-client interaction, making it a valuable tool for training, monitoring, and legal liabilities.

  • High-quality video with up to 8 frames per second.
  • Support for multiple monitors.
  • Full video control with playback, pause, rewind and fast forward.
  • Ability to save as a Windows Media (.wmv) file.

ESI Time, Attendance & Presence (TAP) Manager

ESI phone system time, attendance, and presence manager feature icon

ESI Time, Attendance, & Presence (TAP) Manager is one of the premier employee management programs on the market today. ESI TAP Manager fully integrates with ESI business phone systems and RFID (Radio Frequently Identification) door readers, to monitor and track employee time and attendance, and entrance/exit door activity.

  • Records employees’ clock in/out time while adjusting for scheduled breaks.
  • Supports weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly & monthly payroll periods.
  • Allows real-time viewing of each employees status.
  • Offers the ability to clock in/out via webpage.
  • Records RFID reader in/out records.
  • Automatic door lock control with reports.
  • Door-ajar alarm.
  • Filters reports by employee, departments & RFID readers.

ESI System Manager (ESM)

ESI PBX system system management icon

ESI System Manager (ESM) is a PC application that is used as a maintenance tool to access and program ESI Communication Server business phone systems.  ESM software provides the necessary functionality to set up new sites and maintains existing sites.

  • Provides programming information of all Administrative functions.
  • Provides programming information of all Installer functions.
  • Allows user to perform offline programming.
  • Sends and receives system programming information for greater efficiency.
  • Backup and restore system programming easily.
  • Ability to conveniently import sites from ESI System Programmer (ESP) to ESI System Manager (ESM).
  • Ability to access ESI Communications Servers terminal server with Terminal Mode.

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ESI Business Phone Systems are guaranteed to lift your business to new levels of productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. Contact us  today to schedule your free consultation and PBX system demonstration. ECS Voice & Data serves businesses throughout Georgia and the southeast.

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