Updated 12/22/2020*

ECS Voice & Data installs and services advanced telecommunications solutions for small to large companies throughout Georgia.  ECS also serves customers nationwide with our VoIP & cloud-based PBX solutions.

With over three decades of experience, ECS is a proven leader in customized telecommunication solutions including IP, Hybrid, Digital and Cloud phone systems, VoIP, Carrier services, IP surveillance camera systems, overhead paging systems and low-voltage cabling. We also offer services such as SIP, PRI, ISDN, Integrated Circuits and cabling and cable infrastructure to create or help grow the client’s network and improve performance.

ECS’s offices are conveniently headquartered in Atlanta, Ga to easily provide service to the entire Metro Atlanta areas. We continue to grow because of our dedication to keeping our customers happy. We are always seeking bright, talented individuals would want to work hard, work smart and position ECS as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

“I think that the team at ECS is the best, most sincere and generally wonderful group of people I’ve worked with in a long time. I appreciate the professionalism, the old-fashioned ethics and the true desire to do good work with great products and not just make a quick buck off your customer’s ignorance about technology. Thank you for the professional and technical development that you have provided me with during my time with the company.“
–Dwain., Former ECS Employee

ECS is an Equal Opportunity Employer & Provider.  ECS will not and does not deny service to or discriminate against any person in employment or delivery of service on the basis of a person’s race, color, religion, age, gender, gender expression, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status including disabled veteran status in any of its activities or operations including such matters as recruiting, hiring, training, promotion, on the job treatment, inside and outside sales activities, advertising, marketing, and all end user aspects including but not limited to client installations, end user trainings, and end user support.

*Due to economic uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, open positions with ECS are currently on-hold until further notice.  Please contact our office for inquiries surrounding our current hiring status.

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