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Text Messaging for Businesses

In the near future, texting a business will be just as prevalent as communicating via voice call, web chat, and email. Most business owners understand that Business SMS Text Messaging is a valuable tool that will enhance the customer engagement process and increase their bottom line.  However, many companiesthat are already using a Business SMS service are not using it as a truly unified solution.  Currently, companies provide their client’s with a random, irregular 5-digit number that produces canned responses which consequently end with the customer calling into the business for support. 

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90% of leads would rather receive a text message than a phone call.

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50% of consumers would rather text for customer support then call if given the option between the two.

ECS understands that in order for you to be competitive in the marketplace you need practical, simple, and cost-effective SMS solutions to meet your customer’s evolving communications needs.  As such, we offer a variety of Business SMS text messaging services including SMS-to-Email, bulk Outbound IVR SMS, and Omni-channel Contact Center integration. 

Our most popular Business SMS and Business MMS service can be activated on virtually any U.S. or Canadian phone number, DID, or toll-free number so you’ll maintain a unified, professional identity by using your existing phone numbers.  SMS/MMS activation has no effect on the voice services of the phone number, so it is completely transparent to your customers!

90% circle icon on Business SMS statistics

90% of SMS Messages are read within the first three minutes.  The average response time for an SMS message is 90 seconds, whereas response times for email is 90 minutes.

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75% of all millennials would rather communicate via text about appointments, scheduling, support, deliveries, coupons, and the like.
(Mobile Marketing Watch)

Business SMS Text Services Available:

Business Text & Picture Messaging

Starting at $4.95 per month

Our most popular form of Business SMS allows your clients to text your business phone numbers directly. Inbound text and picture messages arrive in your employees’ email inbox and allow the employee(s) to respond to the text messages via email.  The customer receives the response as a text message. Click here for a sample message.  

Business SMS A.I. Bot  

Starting at $25/month for 20 Keywords 

(Flat Fee, No Per-SMS Charges)

Our Artificial Intelligence SMS Keyword Responder Bot automatically replies to inbound text messages that are sent to your business phone numbers.  The auto-responses are based on pre-configured keywords. Customers will have their own user portal to program keywords and canned responses, and generate SMS reports.  The portal also includes the ability to send outbound messages on-demand.  

As an example, if a customer texts the keyword “specials” to your main business phone number, the SMS Responder Bot automatically replies, “Thank you for texting Company XYZ.  Our current specials are ____.” 

SMS auto-responses can include URL links, pictures, and videos. 

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Omni-Channel Contact Center; ACD SMS

Pricing upon request

Transform your voice-only call center into an omni-channel contact center powerhouse by incorporating Business SMS, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) SMS, ACD email, WebChat, social media, CRM integration, CBIQ (Call-Back-in-Queue), and more.  Allow your customers to contact your representatives via text message for a complete communications solution.  Text message conversations are stored securely and conveniently in the customer’s account for easy retrieval.  

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Broadcast SMS

Pricing upon request

Broadcasting is a form of ‘outbound’ IVR that allows businesses to broadcast text messages via campaigns to pre-determined group lists that have been uploaded to the IVR platform. 


Why should I implement a SMS Text Messaging Solution for my business? What if my phone numbers are with a different carrier? Does this service support MMS (picture & video) messaging? How do other businesses use Business SMS? Can I receive text messages on my toll-free numbers too?

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Implementing Business SMS and Business MMS allows you to enhance your communications channels, grow with the industry and provides a competitive advantage.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact ECS today for your free business text messaging consultation.  ECS is an authorized Business SMS provider and serves businesses throughout Georgia and beyond.  Contact us today to learn more about our business communications solutions.

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