Having an ESI phone system lets you choose from among a variety of our attractive and highly convenient Feature Phones.  An ESI Feature Phone has a sealed membrane below the keys - making it virtually spill-proof. And, with the sturdy four-position angled base, itíll fit on any desk or counter space, making it easy for you to see the status of the display and keys (each phone also can be wall-mounted).
12-Key Digital Feature Phone (ESI)
24-Key Digital Feature Phone (ESI)
The 12-Key Digital Feature Phone is designed for occasional users and for areas such as lobbies, warehouses and waiting rooms. The 24-Key Digital Feature Phone is perfect for lower-traffic users who need access to system features but require less customization.
48-Key Feature Phone (ESI)
Remote IP Feature Phone (ESI)
An ESI 48-Key Feature Phone is ideal for most active phone users. A fully featured office phone that doesn't have to be installed in an office: it's a great idea. And now, it's reality - with ESI's Remote IP Feature Phone.
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