Esi-Mail is an add-on to Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002 that makes it possible for properly equipped ESI E-Class phone systems to perform unified messaging - allowing you to manage both your e-mail and your ESI voice mail from one Inbox.

With Esi-Mail unified messaging, a user of an ESI E-Class phone system can view, prioritize, and select any voice mail message from his/her Outlook inbox. The integrated Esi-Mail toolbar allows for synchronization between the userís Inbox and phone system voice mailbox.

Esi-Mail is easy to implement. Support for it is already built into E-Class system software, so all your Reseller has to do is install into the system ESIís optional Network Services Processor (NSP) and add the Esi-Mail add-on software to each client PC where Outlook is installed and Esi-Mail access is desired. Esi-Mail connects to your existing network and is non-invasive. There is no need to upgrade your network or install Microsoft Exchange. This means unified messaging is now cost-effective for even the small to midsize business.

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