Auto Attendant 

PAL allows callers to direct their calls to an extension, department, directory or informational mailbox. The alphabetical name directory and one touch options in the main greetings let the caller easily navigate to their destination. The ability to turn any mailbox into a menu tree of one touch choices makes PAL customizable for any application. Fax calls are automatically detected and routed to the fax extension, eliminating the need for a dedicated fax line. The receptionist can transfer callers directly to voice mail or audiotext boxes. Even smaller companies can have a large company image.

• Primary Answering
PAL can be made to answer all incoming calls -day and night.

• Receptionist Back--up
PAL can answer incoming calls on a delay; if the receptionist doesn't answer after four rings, the automated attendant gets the call.

• Secondary Answering
Publish one number for customers and have the receptionist answer those calls. Use a second number answered by PAL for employees, employee's family, and suppliers. Customers get the receptionist's undivided attention, while your regular callers use the automated attendant to get to where they want.

• After Hours Answering
PAL can be configured to answer after-hours calls only.

•Multiple Tenant
PAL can be set-up to answer incoming calls with greetings specific to the trunk on*.

Voice Mail

PAL provides a timely link between fellow employees, customers and suppliers that is second only to direct verbal communications. Unanswered calls transferred by he receptionist or automated attendant are forwarded to the
appropriate mailbox. PAL is easy for callers to use leaving messages as well as for users retrieving and sending messages. New users are instructed by a friendly tutorial on how to enter a new security code and record a name and personal greeting. Mailboxes can be set up for users that do not have an extension such as outside sales people.

• Single Button Access to Voicemail
With the press of one button, the user is automatically logged into the mailbox and asked for the password.

• Message Notification
Via message waiting light and out-dialing to several pager or to telephone numbers on a schedule means users never have to be out of reach.

• Off Premise Transfer
Using Central Office Centrex, callers can select menu options to transfer to specific off-premise locations.

• Automatic Message Tag
Internal calls forwarded to voice mail are automatically given a "return address "from the calling station. Recipients of such messages can reply to the sender with the touch of a single key*.

• Undelete
Undelete allows users to undelete any message deleted during the course of a day.

* feature availability dependent upon telephone system.

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